23 February 2012

23 February 2012 - Comics in the News

So I was reading our local paper today (The Daily Sentinel)and on the front page was a story about how this guy in Texas got his late, great-uncle's comic book collection. Yesterday individual comics were sold act auction for a combined total of close to3.5 MILLION dollars. Stand outs included Detective Comics #27, where Batman debuted. It sold for $523,000, while Action Comics #1 sold for approximately $299,000. Not bad for the debut of Superman. Batman's self-titled first issue went for around $275,000, and Captain America #2, With Adolph Hitler on the cover fetched nearly $114,000. All told, 227 individual comics were auctioned off for a total amount of $3,466,264.

That's a lot of money.

Now, I don't want anyone running out at starting a huge collection of comic books just so you can sit on it for 60 years and then get rich. Doesn't work that way - not any more. Instead, you should go out and support the writers and illustrators of today's (and tomorrow's) works. Drop them a line if you can, go to conventions, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL COMIC BOOK STORE. Talk to your local librarian, as comics and graphic novels are exploding onto shelves as we speak. Don't let these people's hard work and effort go to waste.

If you're really feeling up to it, make your own.

Then, if you do, send me a copy (imagine me with a big happy grin on my face).

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