20 February 2012

20 February 2012–Chick & Chickie: Play All Day!


Image Courtesy Toon Books

Written and Illustrated by Claude Ponti
Toon Books, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-935179-14-6
$12.95 Ages: 5 - 7

Chick and Chickie are two chicks who are best friends looking to have fun. Starting out by making scary masks, the manage to scare each other half to death with their masks, and then they decide to play with their friend the letter ‘A’.

Chick and Chickie is a great addition to any emergent literacy program. Ponti’s artwork is clean and crisp, allowing young readers to understand what is happening easily. While their masks terrify each other, the images are anything but scary, and the bit with the letter ‘A’ allows children to emulate what Chick and Chickie are doing through the use of action verbs.

Final Thoughts
Chick and Chickie is a fun romp for emergent readers. My three year old loves to sit and just look at the pictures, making up his own stories to got along with it, and my 5 year old will sit and read it out loud. I would highly recommend Ponti’s work for any pre-k or kindergarten class. As with all Toon books, there is a guide in the back to give parents tips on reading the book for maximum impact with their kids.

On a side note, I’ll be posting my review of another new Toon Book, Zig and Wikki *in* The Cow later today.

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