19 December 2011

Back Up and Running


So, after time off to work on my degree, I have returned from the trenches, battered, bruised, and bowed, but not beaten. While I have one more semester to go, I got some exciting news to pass along.

1) I am in the process of writing a paper that I intend to submit for conference at the Pre-con at the DCC (Denver Comic Con) this summer.

2) I have been in contact with the guys at the DCC, and they have expressed an interest (as have I) in my participation on some panels.

3) One of my professors has asked me to come and speak to her Children’s Lit class next semester about graphic novels as Children’s Lit.

4) The good folks at both Capstone Publishing and Toon Books were kind enough to send me review copies, so be on the look out for those reviews coming soon.

5) Because of the backlog that I managed to build up, I'm going to be increasing my output of reviews for the time being, starting with the one immediately following this post (you’ll find it below)

So, that’s where I am currently sitting. I’m also working on my list of picks for 2011, and will post by year’s end. If you have any questions, concerns, complaints, please contact me!




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