22 December 2011

22 December 2011–Nina in That Makes Me Mad!


Image Courtesy of Toon Books

Adapted and Illustrated by: Hilary Knight, Written by: Steven Kroll
Toon Books, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-935179-10-8 (Hardback)
$12.95 Ages: 6 - 8
Nina, a precocious little girl, explains different things that make her angry, and then acts them out with her family. Originally written by the late Steven Kroll, This story has been a popular one for kids since its original publication in 1976, as it allows young readers to identify with Nina in different situations. In the end, Nina also explains that the best way for her to cool off is to talk about what makes her mad.
A fun and funny book for young readers, Nina gets into situations that the majority of children can feel familiar with. The end is also a great way to impart the idea that “talking it out” is a preferred method of conflict resolution. Knight’s artwork is top notch (as always), and the amount of respect he has for the original work is evident in this version. Sadly, Mr. Kroll was unable to see the latest edition reach publication, but his memory (and multitude of other works) continue to delight and inspire children the world over.
Final Thoughts
Knight (whose artwork is immediately recognizable) does an amazing job on this book, which by itself should be a good reason to read it alone, but combined with a story that emergent readers can identify with, this becomes a definite must-read. Parents can benefit from this book especially, as they can discuss with their children the different issues Nina faces throughout the book.

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