16 April 2012

16 April 2012–Darth Vader & Son



Image courtesy Chronicle Books

Written and Illustrated by Jeffery Brown

Chronicle Books, 2012

ISBN: 978-1-45210-655-7 (Hardback)

$14.95; Ages 6+ 



What if the Dark Lord of the Sith had taken a more active role in raising his son? What would it be like if “Luke, I am your Father” was immediately proceeded by “Do you want a time out?” This imaginative and enthralling look at a fun “what if…” gives a light-hearted look at what it might be like if Lord Vader was a single parent.


Star Wars has had its fair share of knock-offs, derivatives, spin-offs, spoofs and re-interpretations, a few good, a few that are just o.k., and a few that just stink out loud. Fortunately, Darth Vader and Son is one of those books that not only treats the subject material with  a modicum of respect, but also celebrates one of the more dysfunctional family relationships without getting overbearing or preachy. Brown’s artwork is beautiful, fully colored images. Locations are immediately recognizable, and the humor is gentle without ever resorting to infantile, obnoxious or rude humor. Brilliantly imagined and expertly executed, Darth Vader and Son is an enjoyable romp through a galaxy far, far away.

Final Thoughts

This is one of those few books that I just could not wait to get my hands on, and when I did, it was well worth the wait. I adore this book, and I cannot suggest it enough to anyone who is a fan of the franchise. While school libraries bight give it a pass, public libraries should grab a copy (at least one!) and parents, this is a good suggestion for bedtime as the single panels make for fun and easy reading right before lights out. Fantastic reading, and I really look forward to more of Brown’s work.

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