06 March 2012

6 March 2012–An Unfortunate Series of Events

Well, first off, I don’t want everyone thinking I reviewing anything Lemony Snicket (although that would be really cool to see those in graphic novel format).

I’m sorry faithful readers, but I’m on the losing end of this fight with a head cold currently, and as such, I ‘m in no shape to do a review this week, which makes me extremely sad, because I’ve been digging around and finding some really, really cool stuff. Hopefully, I’ll be all better by this weekend, because I’m planning on traveling to Denver (the Mile-Hi City!) to discuss the Denver Comic Con with the Powers That Be. Believe me, if I wasn’t sick right now, I would film myself doing a happy dance and post it here.

As it stands, I’m looking to give you guys a idea of what to expect this summer at this most awesome of events.

So, just hang in there folks, I didn’t forget about you!


P.s. Almost forgot to let you guys know, I’ll be speaking at the DCCLC this summer prior to the Comic Con itself. My presentation is going to be about the idea that by using comics and graphic novels geared towards younger audiences, not only do emergent readers learn to read in traditional forms (i.e. picture books, prose, etc.) but also learn to interpret the juxtaposition of words and images in a meaningful way. So, be on the look out for that!

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